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Step into the dynamic world of emlyon's campus, where innovation meets education. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide an inspiring environment for learning and collaboration. With cutting-edge classrooms, collaborative spaces, and a vibrant campus culture, emlyon offers an immersive experience designed to fuel your academic journey. Join a community driven by excellence, creativity, and a commitment to shaping the future. Welcome to the heart of innovation, welcome to emlyon's campus.

Student Life

Emlyon Business School thrives with 50+ student-led associations hosting over 600 events annually. Notable groups include The Petit Paumé, France's second-largest student association, producing the annual guide to Lyonnaise gastronomy. The Sup de Coteaux association organizes "Le défi de Bacchus," Europe's largest wine-tasting competition. Emlyon provides a dynamic and engaging environment, emphasizing both academic excellence and a vibrant extracurricular life.

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Join the vibrant emlyon alumni network, a global community of graduates and learners from emlyon business school. Our dedicated team of 200 volunteer Ambassadors across 50 communities works tirelessly to support your professional growth, foster intergenerational connections, and enhance alumni engagement worldwide. Experience over 200 annual events and meetings, both physical and digital, connecting you with opportunities and fellow alumni in France and around the globe.

Embark on an 18-month transformative journey to become a marketing technologist and master the intersection of digital marketing, business analytics, and data science. This comprehensive program is structured around four key professional skills, empowering you to navigate the dynamic landscape of data-driven work environments. Digital Marketing Strategy: Learn to pilot digital marketing strategies, effectively plan, report, and forecast using business analytics and automation. Acquire the skills to contribute to marketing challenges through programmatic techniques and identify responsible opportunities in a data-driven setting. Technological Proficiency: Develop digital and data expertise using cutting-edge technologies. By the end of the program, you'll be proficient in Python, SQL, Excel, Power BI, and Tableau. Dive into advanced tools like Robotic Process Automation, R, or Dataiku. Harness these skills to visualize, analyze, and leverage data in crafting and implementing digital strategies for any organization. Industry-Relevant Skills: Address the pressing needs of recruiters in an evolving digital landscape. Companies are actively seeking talents with combined proficiency in digital and data realms to navigate their industries' deep transformation. Our program addresses these needs comprehensively, preparing you to meet the ethical, social, and environmental dimensions that have become central to strategic decision-making. Future-Ready Education: Our curriculum ensures you are well-versed in the ethical, social, and environmental dimensions of the evolving work landscape. Each class is designed to equip you with the awareness and skills necessary to meet the challenges of the future workplace. Join us on this transformative learning journey and emerge as a skilled marketing technologist, ready to shape the future of digital marketing in a responsible and innovative manner.

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2. Passport size photographs

3. Resume/CV

4. IELTS/PTE/TOEFL Test Result

5. 12th Certificate

6. Degree certificate - consolidate mark sheet,sem - wise mark list, grading scale

7. Appointment letters of all jobs

8. Work experience letters

9. Salary Proof

10. Salary slips of 6 months OR

11. Bank statement of salaried account

12. Statement of Purpose (SOP)

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